Shawnee Computer strives to give you the best service in everything we do.

On-sites service

Professional technical services performed right at your home or office.  We offer services which include:
Standard networking and wireless networks 
Anti-virus and spyware removal
Fire and smoke damage cleanup for electronic equipment 
Internet sharing for cable, dsl, or dial-up
Insurance diagnosis and findings submittal

Web Design

Shawnee Computer also offers complete web design services.  Need help getting thisismyveryfirstwebsite.com registered or set up?  Or perhaps you have your own page but don't have anywhere to host it.  We can help.

Whether you need a single informational page, a medium-size site with multiple informative pages, or a full-blown merchandise site with a shopping cart, we can do it all.

No job is too large or too small, and our prices are very competitive.  Call 740-456-3282 for a free consultation and/or quote.

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