Shawnee Computer is proud to offer bright.net internet access!   Bright.net is Ohio's largest internet provider.  With reliable connections and virtually no busy signals, you'll get the service you want with a price you can live with. 

For only $21.95 per month, you can have unlimited access.  But wait.. sign up for automatic payment of your bright.net account from your checking or other account and get $1.00 off!

If you are an SSU, SBC, OU student, or instructor at any school or university, just show your current ID or paystub and get on board for just $18.95!  Combined with the automatic payment discount, you could get service as low as $17.95.  

Prefer to pay by the year?  Call for yearly subscription rates.

Sign-up is easy!  Just call 740-456-3282 in Scioto County or 740-288-3282 in Jackson and other surrounding areas.  Bright.net is available in Scioto, Lawrence, Pike, Jackson, Adams, and several other counties.  You can sign up right over the phone, and in many cases change a few things in your current configuration and be online in no time!  Your account will usually be active within an hour.  A software cd and manual are available free of charge when you sign up, just stop by Shawnee Computer to pick it up.  If you need more help, tech support is just a free phone call away.

* Your first bill will be for the partial month from the time you signed up until the billing cycle end, and the following full month. 

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