Letís face it.. banner link programs arenít going to work just because you are getting hits.

They need to be relevant links. Local people like to shop locally. If you sell hot dogs in Ohio, and the people visiting your site are in Florida, chances are they wonít make the trip up here for lunch. If yours is a brick and mortar store, most people will drive up to an hour to get to you, but not much further.

If you are within an hour's drive or so of our store, weíd love to add you to our local banner swap program. Simply select one of our banners, place it on your site with a link to us, then email us with the URL. Itís that easy!

After we verify your link, we will send you a confirmation email requesting your

banner. Your link will be added to our site shortly, usually within 7 days.

If you need help making a banner, there are several free online banner makers.  Visit our businessworks section for links.

Our store is located in New Boston (Portsmouth), Ohio, Scioto County.


Save the banners to your hard disk please.
PC Users: Right-click on banner image, then select "Save Image As..."
MAC Users: Click and hold on banner, then select "Save Image As..."



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